Washing Pet Bedding & Pet Clothing

Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Washing Machine

One thing all parents of fur babies have in common is PET HAIR. Long hair, short hair, it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s always there!

In pet bedding, on the couch, on our clothes. It’s already a hassle, we’ll show you how to make it easier to deal with!

Depending on the amount of hair your pet actually loses you could actually be damaging your washing machine by simply tossing pet hair coated bedding and clothing into the washer.

An article by consumerreports.org specifically addresses the issues of pet hair and the damage it can cause to your washing machine. Not to mention, it’s kinda gross. Most of that pet hair won’t be flushed out of the washing machine which means you’re going to end up manually scooping it out after the wash, or you end up wearing it when it gets stuck to your clothes in the next load of laundry.

If you take a look at the recommendations from Consumer Reports it’s actually a lot of additional effort to ensure our washing machines aren’t damaged from pet hair.

We’ll show you how the Breathing Mobile Washer can help alleviate a lot of the tediousness that comes with washing pet items and ensuring your pet bedding stays fresh and clean while maintaining the life of your washing machine!

This is Thor. He has volunteered his bedding to help show you how the Breathing Mobile Washer method is the easiest way to maintain the cleanliness of your fur buddy’s bedding.

Consumer Reports Method

  • Remove as much hair as you can manually.
  • Remove bed cover if possible and pre-treat for stains.
  • Check cleaning label – throw in wash or use bathtub if too big.
  • Dry bed in your dryer.
  • Run entire cycle of no laundry in washing machine!
  • Wipe the washer/tub with a damp paper towel to remove hair.
  • If you still see hair after cleaning the washer, allow it to air dry then vacuum the rest out.

Breathing Mobile Washer Method

Remove bedding cover.

This particular bed had batting opposed to a solid insert. I just pulled it out and set it aside.

Fill two 5-gallon buckets with water – hot is preferred. One for washing and one with fresh water for rinsing.

It’s totally up to you what you add to the washing bucket. Here, i simply used a small amount of detergent and some Dawn. The bubbles from Dawn help lift the hair off and keep it trapped so it doesn’t stick back to the fabric.

There are several alternative as well as additive options for washing;
  • For flea removal and prevention add flea dip or flea shampoo.
  • Add essential oils for flea prevention and to help the bedding smell great! Oils such as Lavender, Lemongrass, Basil & Thyme help repel fleas naturally.
  • Another added benefit of Dawn – if you’re having issues with fleas, is it removed the waxy surface of any eggs on the bedding to help kill them.
  • Add white vinegar as a natural fabric softener as well as disinfectant to help remove odors.

Wash & Rinse with the Mobile Washer

If your bedding doesn’t come apart or is too large to fit in the bucket, simply use the same method recommended by Consumer Reports and use the bathtub to wash in.

The benefit here is you won’t have to be hunched over messing with HOT, dirty, detergent filled water cramping up your hands.

This isn’t the bed bedding, but couch cushions. As an example of the benefit the Breathing Mobile Washer has in washing large items in a tub

Wring and Dry

The beauty of this method is you’re not tied to washing the pet bedding inside. You can just as easily fill up the buckets with a hose – wash and dry outside.

You’re not require to line dry either. Just throw it in the dryer at this point if you prefer. Just make sure you look at the care instructions. A lot of times, a high heat will end up warping the bedding.

Simple as that, no extra mess of hair that you have to clean off first, wash, then clean out of your machine again.

No wasting water on additional loads with nothing in them. Highly efficient, quick, and makes sure you’re able to keep your buddy’s bed fresh and clean.

They’ll love you for it!

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