Tips for Saving Money on Laundry

We expect sunrise and laundry tomorrow. Sunshine is free for the taking, not so for laundry. Just imagine that cash register in your mind ringing up: expensive detergent – cha-ching, perfumed dryer sheets cha-ching, hot water down the drain cha-ching, electricity on tilt cha-ching and so on…..how can you save?!

Are you ready to join the green laundry movement and take some simple steps to start saving money today?!

Breathing Mobile Washer

Breathing Mobile Washer is the new non-electric washer. So easy to operate, even a child can do it. Simple up-n-down movements of the lightweight apparatus acts like a plunger.

Breathing Mobile Washer has a surprising side-effect. The pushing and pulling movements eliminate any leftover soap in clothing, from automatic washing machines.

Get your eco friendly Breathing Mobile Washer. You will save money on utilities and conserve natural resources.

Some Like It Hot

If you’ve long been a hot water advocate, a simple switch to cold water for most of your laundry will save beau coup bucks. Also, your clothing is prone to shrinking or stretching and fading in hot water. Not so in cold water – your clothes will last longer, while maintaining shape and size.

On occasions when it’s prudent to use warm or hot water for laundry, such as cloth diapers or to sanitize when a family member is sick, you will be guilt-free. Because typically you use less hot water and save more energy.

Becoming a Mixologist

Learn to mix, fix or choose your own laundry products from natural sources. Not only will you save money, but since you will monitor ingredients, you can omit allergy-provokers from detergent and fabric softener.

White Vinegar is a homemaker’s best friend! Always dependable. Vinegar is acidic, which aids in ridding clothing of detergent residue. It brightens and whitens your whites and is a safe, natural product.

Add vinegar to the rinse water and your clothes will feel softer and smell sweeter.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Use your mixology skills to make laundry detergent. Here is an easy recipe:

Bring three pints of water to a rolling boil. Put in 1/3 bar of grated bar soap (use a cheese grater) and keep stirring until it melts. Add ½ cup of Borax and ½ cup washing soda. Stir until mixture is a liquid state. Put one quart of hot water and the mixture into a two-gallon container. Top off with cold water. Stir. Mixture will turn into a gel substance.

Make your own Bleach

Homemade bleach is non-toxic, plus it smells nice and fresh. Here is one recipe that is easy to make:

Mix together: 3 quarts water, preferably spring water, ¼ cup fresh lemon juice and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide.

You may substitute 1 cup white vinegar for the hydrogen peroxide. Keeps about 2-3 months, when stored in a dark, lidded bottle.

Sun Dry your Laundry

Here’s the reason we said to expect sunrise. Just hang your laundry on a clothesline and let the sun do its work. Be mindful this is an eco-friendly practice, which uses no costly electricity. During inclement weather, install a clothesline in the garage or hang clothing on shower curtain rods. You don’t get the benefits of sun-dried laundry, but you will save money.

Sun-dried laundry smells sweeter than clothing that is tumble dried. The standard dryer depends upon a tumbling action and extreme heat to dry your clothes. Your clothes are subject excessive wear and tear in a dryer and extreme heat can cause permanent damage.

Final Thoughts

Changing to a Breathing Mobile Washer for all your laundry needs is a guaranteed way to save money. Use our green laundry tips to rely on fewer natural resources. And the only cha-ching you’ll hear, is coins dropping into your healthy bank account.

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