Tips for Perfecting Your Laundry Room

In today’s world, the traditional laundry room is considered to be a functional amenity. The location, design of the area, convenience the room offers. The features of the room and overall quality of these designated areas, have a significant level of impact. Including our schedules, our responsibilities, and our general level of satisfaction. Perfecting the laundry room is more than just a luxury, it is a necessity. In this brief guide, we present a few simple strategies for creating a highly-functional, low maintenance laundry room.

Space Organization

The first step to perfecting any laundry room, is to place a special emphasis on organizing the space available.

For example, you may utilize wall storage units to store your cleaning supplies, integrate a drying rack from the ceiling area, place shelves in all of that unused corner space, utilize baskets, plastic bins, and other types of storage containers, design. Incorporating a folding table or hanging rack, hang caddies from doors, and even use pedestal drawers underneath the washer or dryer. The goal is to use all of the space possible without cluttering and overwhelming the room. If you take the measures outlined here, you are sure to find that there is a place for everything and that everything has a space.

Focus on Maintenance

In order to have an absolutely perfect laundry room, it is imperative to have a focus on maintenance. You will need to clean filters, regularly check vents, inspect hoses, clean dust, and eliminate debris. First, you will want to organize your laundry room in such a way that there is room to handle all of the maintenance that is required. Secondly, you will need an area to keep a trash can, tools for maintenance, filters, and items that are similar in nature. Be sure to store extra towels, dust removal products, air freshening products, and lightbulbs!


There will come a time when your laundry room cannot function appropriately. It could be during a power outage, a storm, or a result of general equipment failure -such as a broke washing machine. In order to have the absolute perfect laundry room, you must have backups in place. This means, an alternative way to wash clothes. The best product is a manual clothes washer by the name of Breathing Mobile Washer. This is a simple, manual tool that will allow you to clean clothes without electricity, without a washer, and even without cleansing agents! You must prepare in advance for emergencies and have the tools that are necessary in your laundry room to continue washing clothes, as needed.


As you can see, creating the perfect laundry room is actually quite simple. You must first focus on organizing your space. Then, you must place an emphasis on the maintenance that is required to keep your laundry room going. Immediately thereafter, you must focus on preparing for any type of emergencies that may occur and leave you with the inability to complete laundry tasks. If you focus on these three areas, you are sure to find yourself avoiding many challenges and complications.

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