Household Essentials - Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper

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The Smart Solution for Small Spaces

Household Essentials Hanging Laundry Bag is smart! It fits in the space under your doorknob, helping your living space stay cleaner. Its compact design is wide and narrow: it holds a lot, without taking up a lot of room.

Best of all, it fits your space. Bedrooms, bathrooms, apartments and dorms find the Hanging Laundry Bag a perfect fit.

Practical. Convenient. Easy to use. And machine washable, too.

Perfectly sized

The hanging laundry bag is perfectly sized to fit on doorknobs. Its balanced weight even full stays put without interfering with your ability to open the door!

Strong hook

The metal hook attaches to the metal frame that rims the top of the bag, creating the open-top bag. For a tighter fit on your doorknob, carefully draw the hook in on itself to narrow the opening.

Transforms into laundry sack

Remove the hook and rim and easily haul your laundry to the washing machine. Even the bag is machine washable.

Zippered back

Just to make it easier, a zipper in the back gives you an easy way to unload the bag into your laundry basket. Unzip and let the laundry fall.