How It Works

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Camping & Outdoors

Camping, backpacking, boating/yachting, RV’ing, trekking or simply traveling for work or pleasure. The Breathing Mobile Washer provides the means to stay clean without worrying about hauling around bulky equipment or looking for laundry facilities. Keeping clothing and other items fresh and clean is easy with our portable clothes washer.


Breathing Mobile Washer Supplement Daily Washing

Supplement to Daily Washing

From soiled cloth diapers, grease/chemical covered shop rags, or hair covered animal bedding. The Breathing Mobile Washer is perfect for items you would rather not stick in the electric washing machine, to gunk it up. Perfect for pre-wash and helping remove tough stains. Perfect for delicate items (lingerie, hand wash only, and dry clean only) as well as large and bulky items such as comforters/blankets, sleeping bags, rugs, and pet bedding.

Single items that you don’t want to run an entire wash cycle for such as workout clothing, swimwear, and work clothes needing washed for the next day.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency prep, bug out bags, natural disasters, power outages, equipment failure. Most of us don’t think about how to keep clothing clean when clean water becomes an absolute necessity.

The Breathing Mobile Washer is designed to use as little water as possible. Helping you conserve precious drinking water during contamination or when the luxury of electricity isn’t present.

Alternative Lifestyles

Whether you are living in a small apartment, dorm, hotel/motel room, or other small location with little to no laundering options.

Even lifestyle choices such as micro/tiny living, homesteading, living off grid, or large amounts of traveling.

The Breathing Mobile Washer is designed to meet all your laundering needs and provide you with the most reliable and efficient experience to hand wash your clothing and other items no matter how you choose to live.

Environmentally Conscious

Eco friendly, green product! A great way to reduce water and energy consumption for many who are concerned with climate change. Ability to wash clothing in as little as 1.5 gallons of water. Take pride in the small footprint you are leaving behind. Little to no carbon footprint, conserving water and electricity. Ability to use natural and organic detergents safe for the environment. Non-electric while still providing a superior clean to an electric washing machine.

The Breathing Mobile Washer creates a more sustainable form of laundering no matter where you live.

Cost Savings

Less water, no electricity, less detergent. Let us help you save time and money spent at expensive laundromats. Not to mention, the highest quality product and the best value of all manual washing machines on the market. No moving or mechanical parts that break and need to be replaced with hand crank washing machines.

Paired with a great homemade laundry detergent and the best free clothes dryer in the sky, you have a formula for success when it comes to saving some of that hard earned money.

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We have sons, daughters, friends and family throughout the world that often find themselves in situations and areas of the world where there are no laundry facilities. The Mobile Washer can help lighten their load by helping maintain clean clothes in even the most remote areas of the world!

Send your loved one a package they will not only be able to use themselves but also the opportunity to share it with the ones they are serving as well!

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Our low cost, efficient, clothes washing machines provide a means for those less fortunate to improve their quality of life significantly. Helping to preserve the life of clothing, offering employment through washing services, preserving the life of clothing, or even helping to spend less time washing clothes than traditional washing methods. Our Portable Clothes Washer offers a tremendous amount of support in areas of the world where laundering is a significant investment in both time and energy.

At times, simply having water to wash clothing can be a luxury.

Abrasive washing methods like washboards and rocks wear clothing our far too quickly. Humanitarian impact of the washer supports first world to third world conditions and everything in between.