Military Laundry: How Breathing Washer Can Help

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Cleanliness is the first line of defense against illness from bad bacteria and infections. You can help your military loved one keep their clothes clean and fresh! Show your love by including a Breathing Mobile Washer in his or her next care package.

We may not consciously think about the off-grid places where our military must serve. Imagine areas without provisions for doing laundry. Perhaps there is no electricity. Whatever the reason, some service men and women must wear the same uniforms for days.

Do you feel like deployed service members aren’t into care packages stuffed with useful items? Not true. Military personnel have reported that the best care packages contain practical items such as personal hygiene gear, laundry detergent, baby wipes, etc.

Check out these lightweight detergent sheets perfect for shipping!

Portable Clothes Washing

The Breathing Mobile Washer is a blessing from home, to keep your loved one clean and healthy. Opening a care package to find this hand powered, humdinger for doing laundry is a reminder of how much they are loved and appreciated. Include soap pods, individualized detergent packets, or those awesome little detergent sheets shown above. Your lovely daughter will do the happy dance.

An article from the U.S Army Reserve highlights raising morale by having clean clothes and showers.

General Tips

  • The mobile washer is easy to pack and gets to its destination intact. Since small care packages will reach your military person quicker, pack the apparatus and laundry detergent in a small box. Send other items in different care box.
  • Remember to include instructions for use.

Instructions for Mail

The cardinal rule of care packages for deployed troops is no aerosol cans.

Restrictions: Check with the US Postal Service to ensure your military care package complies with the Country and International shipping limitations. (like, no aerosol cans!) Things you can’t send to troops anywhere include: alcohol, firearms, ammunition, obscene pictures/magazines, illegal substances, etc. Surprisingly, you can no longer send chocolates because they melt during the lengthy transit time.

Protect Items: Seal each item in a zip lock plastic bag. This is for protection from sand, rain, etc. Also, if you ship soap and food in the same box, the food won’t taste soapy if everything is individually packaged. In addition, your military loved one can re-use the bags to protect personal items.

Pack Just Right: If you cram too much in a care box, it will likely open itself before it reaches your loved one. Under-stuffing allows the items to shift around and crash into each other. Be like Goldilocks and do it just right.

Choose Durable Shipping Supplies: Did you know that the USPS provides free, durable military care kits? Simply call the USPS Package Supply Center and get sturdy boxes, priority tape and address labels, plus customs envelopes and forms. It doesn’t get better than free.

Go Tape-Crazy: When taping your care package, more really is better. Military care packages shipped to places over seas and long distances, need to be well-protected, to withstand the risk of damage while en route. Tape each seam securely and add additional tape if needed.

Shipping Labels: Fill in two shipping labels. Affix a label on the outside of the box. And lay one on top of the contents in your care box in the event the external label gets impaired.

Also, include a list of the contents so that if the box splits open, causing contents to spill out, mail handlers can pair the right contents with the right box.

Ensure Mailing Information is Correct:  Receiver’s unit, full name and title is essential. Unit information includes APO/FPO address, squadron, battalion, ship, etc. Add the nine-digit ZIP code.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the military doesn’t have access to modern laundry facilities. The Breathing Mobile Washer fills the gap between beating laundry with a stone and electric washing machine.

Feeling fresh, clean and smelling good has been proven to increase our mood, perception of ourselves, and boosting our confidence. Such a small gesture, in a loving care package, goes a long way while being away from friends, family, and other loved ones for extended periods of time.

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