How to Take Better Care of Your Delicates

Clothing composed of thin materials such as lace, silk, and cashmere and including accessories such as sequins, frills, and similar items are highly delicate and in most instances considered to be hand washables. While these gorgeous clothing pieces inspire a high level of desire when observed in fashion boutiques, they experience a high level of distress when exposed to a regular washing cycle. In order to take care of your delicates and keep them bright and beautiful, you must learn a few simple strategies. In this laundry instruction guide, you will learn those strategies.

Strategy #1: Determine Fabric Type

Is your clothing composed of lace, satin, silk, cashmere, or chiffon? Do you know the difference between these fabrics? In order to take care of your delicates, you must first determine the fabric type that you are dealing with and then conduct a little research on the best methods to take care of that fabric. In most instances, delicate fabrics are considered to be hand washables. That is, they should be cleaned without the use of an electric washing machine. Instead, they should be cleaned using only the hands, or a mobile washing device, such as the Breathing Mobile Washer. These methods will provide a gentle wash that lifts dirt, stains, and other types of debris. Only mild detergents should be utilized when caring for hand washables in this matter.

Strategy #2: Utilize Gentle Push and Pull Cleaning Method

When striving to prolong the life of your delicate clothing, it is essential that you utilize only the push and pull cleaning method; that is, you should ensure that the water and detergent is pushed through the clothing and pulled through the clothing. This method induces air into the cleaning that softens the pressure against the clothing; therefore, keeping all of those threads and accessories in place. If you fail to use this strategy of cleaning your delicates, you may find that threads become frayed, accessories on the clothing are damaged, and that the dye in the clothing becomes dull.

Strategy #3: Follow Label Cleaning Instructions for Delicate and Hand Wash Only Items

Hand washables are known to best maintain their shape and color as a result of manual washing; however, it is important to follow label-based cleaning instructions when cleaning your delicate clothing pieces. If specific instructions are listed, follow the instructions. If not, you will want to start with a manual washing tub that uses a push and pull cleaning technique. You will need to fill it with water that is lukewarm. You should place mild detergent in the manual washing unit that is designed to accommodate the fabric that you are cleaning. A half to a whole teaspoon of detergent should be placed in the unit for each piece of clothing. Then, you should use the push and pull cleaning method to clean and freshen the clothing. You should always avoid scrubbing or twisting the clothing. This could harm the fabric and result in misshapen pieces.

The Breathing Mobile Washer Device

Finding a push and pull manual cleaning device for hand washables may prove to be exceptionally challenging. The Breathing Mobile Washer eliminates this hassle. This product provides the high level of efficiency most find with traditional washers, yet includes a dual action system that permits for the successful cleansing of delicate clothing. It is lightweight and extremely durable. You may easily assemble the product and stow it away when it is not in use. You are in complete control of the agitation of the device, so that you do not have to worry about your clothing losing its shape or beautiful appearance. For more information on this ideal solution for hand washables, visit the following link now: http://breathingwasher.com/

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