How to Remove Common Stains

Accidents happen regularly throughout life. We live, we work, we play, all in our favorite clothing pieces. While we love our clothing, it is inevitable that stains will occur. The good news is, there are several steps that may be taken to successfully eliminate those unsightly, embarrassing, and troublesome spots that find their way from the world onto our favorite garments. We know that stains are one of the most common annoyances in life; however, there are ways to beat the battle of the stain without shortening the life of your clothing. Continue reading to learn how to remove common stains.

Stain Setting Prevention

The first step to successful stain removal is preventing the stain from setting within the fabric. This typically occurs the longer that a stain is allowed to remain on the clothing. It creates a bond with the fabric. When this bond is created, the stain will permanently impact the clothing. You should ensure that the stain is immediately treated with water or a specially-designed solvent designed for clothing stains. The fabric should never be subjected to any type of heat while treating a stain because they will optimize the rate in which the stain bonds with the fabric. The stain should also soak and be allowed to breathe and pressure should not be placed on the stain.

Fabric Requirements

In order to successfully remove stains from your clothing, you should determine the fabric and what that fabric requires in terms of a stain removal solvent. In most instances, this information will be available on the clothing label. For example, cotton has the capable of enduring soaking and a tad of heat; however, wool is not a fabric that may be soaked for prolonged periods of time and is very heat-sensitive. Rayon may be washed, but should not be scrubbed. Silk must be treated as a whole and small wet spot treatment should be completely avoided. Remember, when using fabric stain remover solvents, you must test an inconspicuous spot to ensure it can endure the solvent. Water is the only substance that may be placed directly on a stain in a safe fashion.

Treatment Process

The following outlines the safest treatment process for stain removal on clothes:

  1. When a stain occurs, dab it gently with water as quickly as possible. The water should be allowed to completely soak through the fabric.
  2. Once the clothing item is removed from the body, wet it with water once more and apply a simple absorbent product, such as salt. It should remain on the stain for about fifteen minutes and washed off.
  3. The appropriate solvent for your fabric should then be applied on the backside of the garment, directly underneath the stain.
  4. You should then place the clothing on a paper towel so that the stain soaks into it.
  5. Finally, the solvent and the stain should be thoroughly rinsed after about an hour.

Quick Wash

In order to complete the stain removal process, you should use a mobile, breathing washing device to give the entire clothing piece a gentle cleansing. This modern yet simple clothing cleaning device pushes and pulls the water and cleansing agent back and forth through the fabrics placed within it. This will enhance the stain removal process without destroying the fabric fibers or completely ruining your clothing. This device allows you to control the agitation, based on the sensitivity of the garment fabric in which you are dealing with. As the water is pushed and pulled through the clothing, it allows it to breathe, which helps in the stain removal process. To learn more about this device and to finally obtain the product that will eliminate those pesky stains once and for all. Learn more here!

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