How to Motivate Yourself to Do Your Laundry

Laundry and motivation, two common words, yet, two words that are not commonly used with one another. Most people view doing the laundry as a mundane, annoying task that offers absolutely no reward. Other see laundering as a never-ending array of dirt, filth, and seemingly bottomless baskets. Then, there are those that approach the chore with dread! Simply because it is a chore that seems impossible to ever truly accomplish. Those with children especially can attest to this!  Just as one load finishes, there are fragments of the next load already accumulating! Let’s face it; laundry is simply one of those activities that absolutely must be done on a regular basis, but, offers very little in terms of adventure, excitement, and fun. If you agree with this, continue reading. We will teach you how to motivate yourself to do the laundry and even share the secret behind actually enjoying the task!

Motivation Strategy #1: Your Clothes Are the First Thing Others Notice About You

Humans, regardless of race, sex, nationality, or social status, have an inner desire to be found agreeable by others. Yes, in a way, we are all a little self-centered, but, not in a negative way. If you want to win over the affections and respect of others, you must first start with yourself. Unfortunately, we are about to get a little superficial here. We want to to think that we display bold personalities that are seen by others. Realistically, the first thing most people see about you, are the clothes you have on. Your clothes could be highly fashionable, unique, bright, bold, secondhand, or even a little on the chic side, but, if they are not clean, they will NOT be appreciated by those that see them. Motivation #1? Your clothes are the first thing others notice about you. If you want to be liked, accepted, respected, and appreciated, keep your clothes clean! Keep them looking great and smelling great and others will think you are great! It is THAT simple!

Motivation Strategy #2: Realize There IS More to Life Than Death and Taxes. There’s Laundry, TOO!

Now, in the year of 1789, Benjamin Franklin composed a letter about the newly-established Constitution. In that letter, he expounds on its appearance of being permanent. He then proceeds to state, but, in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. That makes this life seem a little bleak, if you ask us. There IS more to life than death and taxes, there’s laundry! Even if you feel as if there is nothing to do, you have no purpose, or you are struggling to occupy your mind, your hands, and your time, there is ALWAYS a little bit of dirty laundry to do! Turn that dirty gray into a bright, colorful day by sorting, washing, drying, and putting away! You will experience a strong sense of accomplishment and you will look, feel, and smell great in all those clean clothes!

Motivation Strategy #3: Make It FUN!

Now, how can laundry be transformed from a dull, mundane, and ever-necessary task to an exciting task that is fun? This is VERY simple! Turn on some music, make a game out of it, visualize your home being clean and free from clothing debris, or discover a creative way to do the laundry such as using the Breathing Mobile Washer! Why waste all of that water, use up all of that electricity, and contribute to the depleting ozone layer when you can just toss your clothes into a mobile laundry device, use a simple application method to clean the laundry, and hang to dry? If you make laundering a fun task, you will always have the motivation to do it! To learn more about the Breathing Mobile Washer and start having FUN in your laundry room, click on the following link now: breathingwasher.com.

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