5 Ways You Are Probably Doing Your Laundry Wrong

When you do your laundry, are you noticing that too much detergent is being used? Are you putting in too much laundry? Are you using entirely too much bleach? Do you find that your clothes become discolored, faded, or stretched out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is quite likely that you are doing your laundry wrong. While washing clothes is considered to be a relatively trivial type of choice, there are several subtleties involved. Probably even more than you are able to imagine. Even if you consider yourself a pro in doing laundry, there are many slip-ups that you could be making that could result in unnecessary damage to your clothes, the way that they fit, and the way that they look. In this brief laundry guide, you will learn about those slip-ups.

Mistake #1: Inappropriately Sorting

In most instances, you sort according to degree of color – lights and darks; however, there is more to sorting than just color. You should also sort according to the level of soiled pieces. For example, lightly soiled pieces should not be washed with heavily soiled pieces. It is also imperative to ensure that you sort by fabric types. For example, delicate fabrics should be washed separately from heavy fabrics. If you wash sheets, you should combine them with small items such as undergarments so that twisting is avoided. These smaller items will aid in preventing the twisting of sheets because of the unique tumble pattern that they have. If you sort your laundry appropriately, what you wash will last longer and retain its beautiful appearance.

Mistake #2: Leaving Zippers Unzipped

Many laundry items include zippers. These include certain types of shirts, certain types of pants, jackets, and in some cases, even pillow cases and mattress encasement’s. If you wash any of these items, be certain to zip up all zippers. If you leave a zipper unzipped, it is quite likely that it will snag other fabrics during the wash cycle. It may even snag the fabric that it is attached to.

Mistake #3: Buttoning up Those Buttons

Now, this is a bit different than the zipper situation. If you have buttons on an item that you are washing such as a shirt do not button them up. If you fail to unbutton all the way down the garment, it will place a high level of stress on the clothing and could result in the stretching of button holes and the issue of premature pops of the buttons on the garment. Simply ensure all buttons are unbuttoned and you should avoid these issues.

Mistake #4: Utilizing Washing Devices with Excessive Vibration

Today, most washing machines have a high level of vibration. These vibrations have the ability to result in fabric damage. To avoid this issue, utilize a breathing mobile washing that permits for a more delicate wash cycle. This will protect your clothing and prevent you from experiencing any mechanical complications that are associated with traditional washing machines that may also become worn due to vibrations.

Mistake #5: Not Being Eco-Friendly

While traditional washers are considered to be quick, convenient, and ideal, they are not eco-friendly. They take electricity to operate, utilize too much water, and they cause detriment to the environment. In order to avoid this, opt for an eco-friendly option. The best option is the breathable mobile washer. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, but, it also saves your clothing and your money. For more information on this amazing device that will ensure a perfect wash every single load, visiting the following link today: breathingwasher.com

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