5 Reasons you Need a Breathing Mobile Washer

#1. Affordability Factor

portable clothes washer save money

From the git-go, you’ll save big bucks by investing in a Breathing Mobile Washer vs a modern washing machine. Also, fancy washers break-down, which translates to paying a pretty penny to get it fixed.

Now frugality and green living go together like country and western. Not only is the Breathing Mobile Washer cheaper to purchase and maintain than a washing machine, it’s about as green as you can get. The little washer operates on people-power rather than electricity and can use less than one-gallon of water per load.

The Breathing Mobile Washer is lightweight and mobile. Take it along on trips to eliminate the need for coin operated laundries.

#2. Helps Save the Environment

Eco consciousness of this device begins at the factory where cruelty-free practices are in place. Because of the simple design, there are no moving parts that experience wear and tear. As it’s made of plastic, it will not rust.

portable clothes washer eco friendly

Green enthusiasts know less is more and will appreciate the mobile washers negligible carbon footprint. Even the high-tech, efficiency washing machines use 15-30 gallons of water per load, whereas it takes minimal water to wash clothing with the Breathing Mobile Washer.

There’s nothing to plug-in, which results in less energy consumption will lower your electric bill and environmental impact significantly.

Tip: A few great eco friendly detergents that pair well with the Breathing Mobile Washer can be found below.

#3. Portable

Not only is this hand-powered doozie inexpensive and efficient, it’s easy to put together and take apart. Requires minimal storage space and is a sturdy traveler. Stowed in RVs, the Breathing Mobile Washer has made its way across the US and around Route 66. It has now gone global to off-grid areas, that are without electricity to power a conventional washer.

Perfect accessory for camping or backpacking, permits you to pack fewer clothes, since you can wash as you go.

portable clothes washer compact

#4 Great for Emergencies

Are you prepared to handle your laundry during an extended power outage? How about a national disaster? When your electricity is not working, unpleasant scents permeate your home. For instance, dirty cloth diapers emit terrible smells. Plus, dirty clothes will continue piling up until the electric is up and running again.

However, the Breathing Mobile Washer doesn’t depend upon electricity (or gas), so that you’ll be able to keep up with laundry, plus keep your home smelling fresh.

If you’re stockpiling goods in the event of a national disaster, it’s worthwhile to purchase an additional mobile washer. In such a stressful time, you may not be able to access other means of keeping your laundry clean.

#5. Save your Delicates

For delicate fabrics, the Breathing Mobile Washer is more effective than hand washing. Plunging, pushing and pulling of the manually operated washer gets your clothing cleaner than washing it by hand. The gentle yet powerful agitation saves items from normal wear and tear caused by washing machines and abrasive hand washing methods.

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